Ice Cream Manufacturing Capabilities

Square (brick) Pack
• 64 oz size available in one, two, three (divided) flavors with / without variegates and inclusions.


Round Packaging
• Paper available in 64 oz, 56 oz and pint Plastic available in 64 oz.


Novelty Products
• 3 oz and 4oz foam / plastic / paper cups available (8 and 12 oz paper cups may be produced on this line also with small modifications).
These are available in various flavor patterns with or without variegate stripes, etc.
• Cone products in various configurations.
• Cookiewiches in various flavor combinations.


• Ice Cream (minimum 10% butterfat required by law) is currently produced in 10%, 11.2%, and 12%.
• Mixes produced in Bland
• Sherbet is 1.5 – 2% butterfat and is most frequently run in fruit flavors with a regulated acidity.
• Low fat ice creams, frozen yogurts and water ices may also be produced.
• Kosher-certified for Kashruth
• Cholov Yiserol and Central
• Rabinical Congress supervised production