For generations, Byrne has been committed to quality. Today, that commitment expands to include aseptic manufacturing capabilities.

In today’s world, the need for food products to have the longest possible shelf-life is crucial. As a retailer or a brand-owner, offering aseptic dairy is a game-changer. Byrne has invested in aseptic manufacturing to offer excellent quality with the best shelf-life. To learn more about our process and capabilities contact us today and come partner with us!

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What Does It Mean to Be an Aseptic Manufacturer?

As an aseptic manufacturer, we produce milk products, in sterilized containers with world-class aseptic production equipment and processes. This results in longer shelf life even at ambient temperature.

Byrne is adapting to changing consumption behaviors. We have observed how important it has become for consumers to rely on shelf stable necessity food products, and milk is one of them. By offering aseptic dairy products, Byrne positions itself as a leader in the industry and a one-stop shop for our customers. The long shelf life and ability to store aseptic dairy at ambient temperatures allows Byrne to deliver at a national and even international scale.

Contact us to learn more about our aseptic capabilities. We are poised and eager to share our knowledge and expertise with you, as your trusted aseptic co-packer.


Aseptic Manufacturers with the Co-Packing Capabilities You Need

Our aseptic manufacturing capabilities include co-packing, delivering the trusted quality of Byrne products with your branding and packaging.

By collaborating with Byrne, you are making the choice to offer excellent quality dairy products. At Byrne, we value our customers. We continuously invest in Research & Development and partner with world class equipment suppliers to offer the highest quality products and deliver solutions that meets the ever-changing market need.

Our Customer Service Team is also present to listen to your needs and deliver a delightful experience.
Whether you are a current customer looking to expand your portfolio with Aseptic products, or a new business partner looking to collaborate with us, contact us today to learn more about our Aseptic capabilities.

Byrne Dairy aseptic half and half

Benefits of Partnering with Byrne

Choosing Byrne as your aseptic manufacturing partner has many benefits both for your organization and your customers.

At Byrne, we offer the greatest quality of product. Our state-of-the-art plant expansion is completed in the first quarter of 2021 and boasts brand new manufacturing equipment. Our R&D and Quality Teams are available daily to offer support on existing products, or new product development.

We pride ourselves in hiring dedicated employees who strive to produce the highest quality daily. Our Customer Service Team is dedicated to making your business partnership with us a great experience!

With Byrne as Your Aseptic Manufacturer, Your Co-Packing Capabilities Are Expanded

Aseptic processing offers the versatile production capabilities you need in a co-packing partner. Currently, our aseptic packaging capabilities include:

  • 32 oz. Carton container
  • 8 oz. Carton container

You have other aseptic projects? Contact us today to discuss!

Partner with Byrne for Your Aseptic Manufacturing Needs

Byrne delivers the quality products that families have loved for generations with the packaging capabilities you need plus nutritional and production advantages.