January 15, 2015

Byrne Dairy attends Local “Health and Wellness Day”

Byrne Dairy attends Local “Health and Wellness Day” image 300x229 - Byrne Dairy attends Local “Health and Wellness Day”Dryden, NY- On Monday, Dryden Middle School hosted their first Health and Wellness Day, with local businesses coming together to engage students with a fun- filled morning of physical activity, food, and nutrition knowledge.

Byrne Dairy attended the event, providing students with nutrition information and giving samples of Byrne Hollow Farm Greek Yoghurt.

Jenna Conner, Quality and Food Science Technologist at Byrne Hollow Farm attended the event commenting, “This event was a great way for the kids to learn more about healthy food choices as well as the reasoning behind why they’re healthy. While most of the students have tried Greek yogurt before, a lot of them were surprised to learn the nutritional differences between Greek yogurt and conventional yogurt. Everyone was very excited to try our Byrne Hollow Farm Greek Yoghurt and quite a few came back for seconds!”

Students rotated through stations, participating in physical activity such as snowshoeing, swimming, and karate, as well as a healthy eating session about portion control, and a food and nutrition station with samples of yogurt, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.