Here’s something to smile about: Byrne has received the 2022 Fleet Safety Award in the category of 1 million miles or less from the International Milk Haulers Association!

“We are very proud and honored to receive this award. Picking up milk from our supplier farms 365 days per year, our drivers strive to do so as safely as possible – no easy feat on some winter days. It proves everyone’s commitment to safety,” says Leslie Ball, Director of Milk Procurement for Byrne.

IMHA members in good standing across the U.S. and Canada are eligible to apply for the award. The Fleet Safety Award is based on drivers’ safety records as well as a company’s safety initiatives.

“Byrne remains committed in promoting safety in every aspect of our drivers’ job. Safety is an overriding responsibility that demands attention from every person in our company. Safety is every person’s job,” says Michael Powers, Director of Fleet Safety and Transportation for Byrne.

A group photo of Byrne's bulk tank fleet celebrating the 2022 Fleet Safety Award

Byrne’s bulk tank fleet celebrates the 2022 Fleet Safety Award from the International Milk Haulers Association.

Byrne’s fleet safety initiatives include:

  • Vehicle tracking technology (telematics)
  • Monthly training refreshers and quizzes
  • Annual winter safety training
  • Upgrading safety mitigation systems in each truck.

“Using safety performance reports generated through our onboard telematics, we implemented a minimum rating a driver must maintain. In 2022, drivers exceeded the average required rating through our added one-on-one monthly discussions with drivers concerning their safety performance,” says Powers.

Team Byrne is seeking new drivers to join our award-winning fleet. Byrne offers competitive wages, excellent benefits, and opportunities for advancement. In addition, Byrne drivers are home every night. To learn more, visit

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