Pilot Processing Plant

Ultra Dairy’s Pilot Processing Plant can process dairy and dairy substitute products to your specifications. Pasteurization methods include HTST and direct and indirect UHT. Our highly skilled technicians combined with our laboratory-scale processing equipment reduce the need for large plant trials and accelerates the development of your product and speed to market distribution.

Our Pilot Plant Technician’s Provide:

  • Formulation and Scale-up
  • New Ingredient Evaluation
  • Preparation of Test Samples for In-House Studies
  • Engineering Studies

Pilot Plant Product Development Rate:

Ultra Dairy’s pilot plant usage includes a skilled laboratory technician, standard dairy ingredients and standard laboratory testing such as, fats, solids, cryoscopy, microbiological testing. The customer must provide all packaging and other ingredients.

All formulation work completed by laboratory technicians will be charged by the hour. Additional quality assurance testing can be arranged for an additional charge.

For rates and additional information regarding use of the Ultra Dairy’s Pilot Plant, contact info@byrnedairy.com.

Pictured here is Tom Byrne explaining the process of our pilot plant to Allie from the Whole Foods Product Development Team. Our pilot plant can process UHT, HTST, and cultured products.


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