Our ice cream wholesale dip stand program supplies everything business owners need from one source to satisfy your ice cream stand customers. 

Ice Cream Tubs, Soft Serve and Novelties from a Local New York State Wholesale Ice Cream Supplier

For generations, Byrne has been the go to wholesaler when ice cream stands or ice cream parlors in New York need farm fresh products. We offer soft serve, 3 gallon tubs and novelty ice cream that your customers are looking for. 

What Makes Byrne the Best Choice for Wholesale Ice Cream Suppliers in New York?

As an ice cream producer, our ice cream is made from fresh cream and milk from local family farms. When you buy local ice cream for your stand, Byrne is the clear choice.

As your wholesale ice cream supplier, you can be confident that the ice cream that you serve your customers is made with the finest ingredients. Not only is our ice cream value priced, but we also provide great parlor flavors. We offer a selection of gluten free ice cream, as well as over 60 fan favorite varieties. 

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3 Gallon Ice Cream Tubs

We also offer a full line of 3 Gallon Tubs from Mighty Fine flavors to our premium line to meet all of your dip stand and food service needs during the warm summer months.

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Purity 3 Gallon Ice Cream Tubs

The pride of the Finger Lakes! We have partnered with Purity Ice Cream of Ithaca N.Y. to manufacture and distribute 36 of Purity’s unique, creamy and rich flavors using their original secret recipe.

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Soft Serve for Your Ice Cream Shoppe

Our silky smooth and irresistibly creamy soft serve ice cream and frozen yogurts will keep your customers coming back for more! We offer:

Ice Cream

  • 10% Vanilla
  • 10% Chocolate
  • 14% Bland mix

Frozen Yogurts

  • Fat Free Vanilla

Add Novelties To Your Dip Stand

We carry a full line of novelties to meet your needs. A large assortment of fan favorites by Good Humor, Mars, Dove and Byrne branded novelties that you know and love.

Check the link below to view sizing and availability for ice cream sandwiches, twin pops, novelty faces, nutty sundae, Cookiewiches and much more!

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Need 3 Gallon Ice Cream Tubs, Novelty Characters or Soft Serve Wholesale Ice Cream? Byrne Can Take Care Of You!

3 Gallon Ice Cream

  • Vanilla 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Chocolate 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Cookies ‘N’ Cream 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Mint Chocolate Chip 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Cookie Dough 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Butter Pecan 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Strawberry 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • French Vanilla 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Coffee 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Holy Cow 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Black Raspberry 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,
  • Purity Ice Cream 3 Gallon Tub of Ice Cream,


  • Original Cookiewich
  • Browniewich
  • Mint Cookiewich
  • Twist Cookiewich

Soft Serve Ice Cream Wholesale

  • Byrne Dairy 10% Vanilla Mix
  • Byrne Dairy 10% Chocolate Mix
  • Byrne Dairy Shake Mix
  • Byrne Dairy 14% Ice Cream Mix Bland
  • Byrne Dairy Fat Free Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

Novelty Ice Cream Wholesale

  • SpongeBob face pops
  • Choco Taco
  • Spider-Man face pops
  • Hello Kitty face pops
  • Bomb Pop Ice Cream
  • Snickers Bar
  • Jolly Rancher Bomb Pop

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