Black Raspberry   ✔   ✔ Black raspberry flavored ice cream.
Butter Pecan   ✔     Butter pecan flavored ice cream with pecan nuts.
Buttered Almond ✔       Vanilla flavored ice cream with buttered almonds.
Chocoholic   ✔     Chocolate ice cream with fudge ripple & Gertrude Hawk chocolate bits.
Chocolate ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Chocolate flavored ice cream.
Chocolate Chip       ✔ Vanilla ice cream with chocolate chips.
Chocolate Delight       ✔ Dairy and allergen free. A vegan oat based frozen dessert. A delightful chocolate experience.
Chocolate Marshmallow   ✔     Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow swirl.
Chocolate Peanut Butter ✔ ✔   ✔ Chocolate ice cream with peanut butter swirls.
Coco Choco Loco       ✔ Coconut flavored ice cream with chocolate flakes.
Coffee       ✔ Coffee flavored ice cream.
Cookie Dough   ✔   ✔ Cookie dough flavored ice cream with cookie dough chunks.
Cookies ‘N’ Cream ✔ ✔   ✔ Vanilla ice cream with cookie pieces.
Cotton Candy Confetti       ✔ Cotton candy flavored ice cream with mini rainbow chips.
Espress Dough       ✔ Coffee flavored ice cream with a fudge swirl and cookie dough pieces.
French Vanilla   ✔   ✔ French vanilla flavored ice cream.
Grasshopper Pie   ✔     Mint ice cream with cookie pieces & chocolate swirl.
Halfmoon   ✔     Half vanilla ice cream, half chocolate ice cream.
Heavenly Hash   ✔     Chocolate ice cream with marshmallow, almonds & chocolate chips.
Holy Cow   ✔   ✔ Vanilla ice cream with peanut butter cups & rich chocolate swirl.
It’s a Cow Party       ✔ Birthday cake flavored ice cream with blue frosting swirl and rainbow chips.
Maple Cinnamon       ✔ Dairy and allergen free. A vegan oat based frozen dessert with a burst of maple flavor!
Maple Walnut ✔ ✔   ✔ Maple walnut flavored ice cream with walnuts.
Mint Chocolate Chip ✔ ✔   ✔ Mint flavored ice cream with chocolate chips.
Neapolitan   ✔ ✔   Vanilla, chocolate & strawberry flavored ice cream
No Sugar Added Vanilla       ✔ No sugar added vanilla ice cream.
Orange Pineapple   ✔     Orange pineapple fruit in vanilla ice cream.
Orange Sherbet ‘N’ Cream       ✔ Vanilla ice cream and orange sherbet.
Peppermint Patty*   ✔     Peppermint ice cream with chocolate peppermint candy.
Pistachio Almond       ✔ Pistachio flavored ice cream with almonds.
Pumpkin Pie*   ✔   ✔ Creamy pumpkin pie ice cream with swirls of graham cracker pie crust.
Salt City Caramel   ✔   ✔ Caramel ice cream swirled with sea salted caramel sauce.
Scratch Baked Brownie   ✔   ✔ Vanilla ice cream with scratch baked brownies, laced with dark fudge swirls.
Sherbet Orange   ✔      
Sherbet Rainbow   ✔   ✔  
Sherbet Raspberry   ✔   ✔  
Simply Vanilla       ✔ Dairy and allergen free. A vegan oat based frozen dessert. So delicious this will be your new favorite.
Strawberry ✔ ✔   ✔ Strawberry flavored ice cream.
Up All Night   ✔     Coffee ice cream with a rich espresso fudge swirl.
Vanilla ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ Vanilla flavored ice cream.
Vanilla Bean   ✔   ✔ Vanilla ice cream with specs of vanilla bean.
Vanilla Fudge ✔ ✔     Vanilla ice cream with fudge ripple.
* Seasonal product