Hourigan Family Dairy

From the rolling hills of Upstate NY we are proud to introduce you to the Hourigan family and their farm. What started with a handshake between Bill Byrne Sr. and Gerald Hourigan has become a multi-generational 50-year partnership with the Byrne family. Originally farmers from Ireland, the Hourigan forefathers settled here and proceeded to build their own personal version of the American dream. Starting with one barn on one simple farm, Grandpa Hourigan, his children, and grandchildren have continued to run and grow a successful dairy farm. A new barn has been added every year since 1984 to keep up with demand in the nation’s third-largest dairy producing state of New York.

This success is built on the Hourigan’s pride in delivering the highest quality milk. It is easy to see the Hourigan’s formula for success: from the care and cleanliness of their 4,000 acre dairy farm to an animal nutritionist coming weekly to sample food, measure the herd’s body scale, and adjust and balance feed.

The Hourigan’s certainly put ‘Family’ in the idea of Family Farm. Each member contributes in some special way. Brothers Dave, Richard, and Andy are all third-generation farmers, and each of their families play an important part on the farm.

Andy and Kim have five children: Jered, Alex, and Sarah work on the farm full time in the fields. Charlie and Andrew busy themselves with school and extra-curricular activities, working in their spare time.

Richard and his wife Allison have two children, Teddy and Taylor. They work in the fields and with the cows when school is not in session.

David and Allison have three children: Madison, Coleton, and David. Each of the children work on the farm with the cows in between college and high school.

The Hourigan’s also have a nephew, David (“Fitzy”) Card who works on the farm along with other great employees that keep the farm running smoothly.

The family is led by D. Michael Hourigan (“Mike”) and his wife, Chris. Mike has taught everyone by example what hard work means as a second-generation dairy farmer. For Mike, there is no other life but this good life, working the lands of America, teaching his family the value of dairy farming and its critical importance to his community, our country, and the world—all while making sure that they’re doing so in the spirit of giving back. This is what makes America’s dairy farmers a very special bunch of folks. Chris handles farm accounting.

This hard-working family gets up every day at dawn to run the farm in such a way as to insure success for future generations. But even spending sun up to sun down on the farm, the Hourigan’s also find time to give back to the community where they live. The dedication they have for their children—and all children of the community—is evident in their labor of love supporting local schools with donations and by volunteering.

From the Hourigan Family farm to your table… enjoy Byrne Hollow Farm, The Best Milks™!