Since 1980 we have been producing our own Ice Cream with our fresh cream and milk from our local family farms. We are one of the only ice cream companies that pick up milk directly from our local farmer…That’s fresh! We have never compromised the value that we deliver you every day and still believe that a Half Gallon is 64 ounces! Byrne uses only the finest ingredients in our ice cream with great flavors that you can remember enjoying as a kid as well as innovative new flavors customers love!

Byrne Ice Cream, Frozen Dessert and Sherbet


Half Gallons

5 Quart Pails

3 Gallon Tubs

From pints to half gallons and 5 quart party pails, we have what you need for any occasion and season of the year! We also offer a full line of 3 gallon tubs from Mighty Fine flavors to meet all of your dip stand and food service needs during the warm summer months.

BD IceCream Cookiewich 2022 - Ice Cream


We start off with cookies baked from scratch and make each Cookiewich®  by hand. There’s a combination for everyone!

Multi-packs and single serve.



Conquer big cravings with the Bigwich®. Two freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies and 3X more ice cream than our traditional Cookiewich®. Available in Vanilla, Raspberry, and Cocoa-Nilla. Grab one at a Byrne Dairy & Deli location near you!

Half Gallon Ice Cream

With over 25 flavors offered in Half Gallons, we have a Mighty Fine flavor for everyone. From creamy Triple Vanilla, to classic Neapolitan, to indulgent Chocoholic, you’ll want to try them all!

3 Gallon

Find you favorite Byrne ice cream in select Ice Cream stands, and at all Byrne Dairy & Deli locations. With exclusive flavors, premium flavors, and even Non-Dairy, Vegan Oat frozen dessert, Byrne has your summer covered! Discover our premium ice cream at your favorite ice cream stand!


Enjoy our 98% Fat Free Sherbet in Raspberry, Orange or Rainbow half gallons all year long! Make sure to go to your local ice cream shop during the summer for Rainbow, Orange or Raspberry flavors.

Single Serve Ice Cream Sundaes from Byrne Dairy near Syracuse NY

Sundae Cups

Delicious sundae cups in a sweet 6 oz. serving. Choose from Chocolate or Strawberry Sundae.

Seasonal Ice Cream Flavors:

Pumpkin Pie and Holiday Mint

For the Fall season order our Pumpkin Pie ice cream! Creamy pumpkin pie ice cream with swirls of graham cracker pie crust. Or for the winter months try Holiday Mint!

Other branded products available:

Purity Ice Cream

The pride of the Finger Lakes! We have partnered with Purity Ice Cream of Ithaca N.Y. to manufacture and distribute 36 of Purity’s unique creamy and rich flavors using their original secret recipe.

Soft Serve

Our silky smooth and irresistibly creamy soft serve ice cream will keep your customers coming back for more! We offer 10% Vanilla, 10% Chocolate and 14% bland mixes.

Ben & Jerry’s

What’s your favorite Ben & Jerry Flavor? With 13 classic flavors we are certain to have yours! From Cherry Garcia to New York Super Fudge, we have Everything But The…well we have that flavor too! Now carrying Ben & Jerry’s Slices. Vermont’s finest Ice cream is a sure winner every time!


We carry a full line of novelties to meet your needs. We carry an array of Good Humor and Mars products along with the Byrne novelties that you know and love.

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Ice Cream Parlor (wholesale) Locations:

Our ice cream wholesale dip stand program supplies everything business owners need from one source to satisfy your ice cream stand customers.