Vegan Dessert in NY State

Byrne offers vegan desserts in NY state that are delicious and consistent with a vegan or plant-based lifestyle.  

Our oat frozen dessert is a:

  • Vegan dessert
  • Dairy free dessert
  • Lactose free dessert
  • Gluten free dessert
  • Egg free dessert
  • Allergen free dessert
  • Peanut free dessert
  • Treenut free dessert
  • Soy free dessert

Where to Buy Vegan Dessert in NY State

Experience Byrne’s vegan dessert from any Byrne Dairy and Deli location that includes an ice cream parlor.

Vegan Dessert Flavors

  • Simply Vanilla
  • Chocolate Delight
  • Maple Cinnamon

Enjoy Our Vegan Dessert Across New York State

With many locations in New York State, Byrne Dairy Store and Deli is the go-to when looking for vegan dessert near you. Our vegan desserts are available in towns and cities across NY state. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to:

  • Auburn NY,
  • Baldwinsville NY,
  • Brockport NY,
  • Canandaigua NY,
  • Corning NY,
  • Clinton NY,
  • Fulton NY,
  • Geneseo NY,
  • Liverpool NY,
  • Oneida NY,
  • Oswego NY,
  • Penn Yann NY,
  • Pulaski NY,
  • Rochester NY,
  • Rome NY,
  • Syracuse NY,
  • Trumansburg NY,
  • Utica NY,
  • Watertown NY,

Byrne Satisfies Your Craving for a Vegan Dessert

People are increasingly embracing a vegan lifestyle and choosing to exclude all animal based products from their diet. Whether as an individual effort to contribute to environmentalism or for personal health reasons, Byrne vegan desserts are delicious treats that are loved by people who adhere to a vegan diet. 

Our vegan dessert is made with oats. Byrne vegan desserts, are a flavorful treat that’s natural, Gluten free, dairy free and egg free.  

Experience a vegan frozen dessert at any Byrne Dairy and Deli that includes an ice cream parlor. 

Try Our New Vegan Dessert in NY State!

Byrne Dairy’s vegan, dairy free frozen dessert is available at all Byrne Dairy and Deli locations that include an ice cream parlor.