What are Oatwiches?

1983. 37 years ago, the renowned Byrne Cookiewich was born. Today, we want everyone to get a taste of it…

Discover our brand new Non Dairy iconic dessert: the Oatwich! An oat-based frozen dessert sandwiched between two delicious vegan cookies, freshly baked in our very own kitchen.

If you’re looking for a vegan ice cream sandwich, look no further. While ice cream is a dairy product by nature, making vegan ice cream technically not possible, the Oatwich provides the flavor and ingredients people expect from a vegan ice cream sandwich.

Where to Buy the Oatwich

The Oatwich is available at Byrne Dairy & Deli locations.

Oatwich: The Flavor and Ingredients You’d Expect from a Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich in an Oat Based Frozen Dessert

Each Oatwich is carefully handmade by our team of Oatwich experts. That makes each Oatwich totally unique, yet all equally yummy!
The Oatwich comes in two flavors:

  • Original: Chocolate Chip cookie and Vanilla oat frozen dessert
  • Snickerdoodle: Snickerdoodle cookie with Maple-Cinnamon oat frozen dessert.

Experience an Oatwich today…

Oatwiches are available at Byrne Dairy & Deli locations.

Who is the Oatwich for?

The Byrne Oatwich is a 100% dairy free dessert. The Oatwich is also lactose free, and vegan! Whether you have dietary restrictions, or you simply follow a dairy free lifestyle, the Oatwich will be your new treat.

What are Oat-based Frozen Desserts?

Our oat-based frozen desserts are the Dairy Free version of ice cream. Made in our Syracuse, NY ice cream center, we follow strict protocols to avoid cross contamination. The oat-frozen desserts are vegan, dairy-free, lactose-free, but delightfully delicious. By the way, these are also available by the scoop in all of our Byrne Dairy & Deli store locations. See you there!

When You Crave a Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich, Try an Oatwich

While ice cream is inherently made with dairy, people who want a vegan ice cream sandwich will find what they’re looking for in the Oatwich, an oat-based frozen dessert.

The Oatwich is available at Byrne Dairy & Deli locations.