Features of Byrne Dairy Extended Shelf Life Co-Packing

  • 70 Day Extended Shelf Life , up to 150 Days
  • No Foil Seal due to Precision Neck Finish
  • Choose Either Private Label or Byrne Dairy Sleeve Design
  • Sustainable Processing Eliminates Water and Related Energy Usage
  • 12 oz Resealable PET Plastic Bottle
  • Holcobatch PET with 2-3% Light Barrier
  • Recyclable packaging
  • Private or Byrne Dairy Label

With our Extended Shelf Life co-packing, you get:

  • Longer life on your shelves,
  • Better pricing than national brands
  • More Profits to You!

Explore all co-packing sizes we produce below.

Extended Shelf Life Co-Packing

Byrne ESL offers a state of the art, high speed bottle line facility capable of filling cold fill beverages with ultra-pasteurization. ESL co-packing most frequently produces 4 milk fats of milk, non-dairy creamers and can fill plant based products as well. Our co-packing containers range from 8 oz. PET to half gallon cartons to 200 gallon poly bags. Byrne ESL co-packing is finishing a 24 million dollar expansion project incorporating the latest co-packing technology and equipment.

As one of the country’s most advanced and respected dairy processing facilities, Byrne Dairy uses only the freshest ingredients to consistently deliver great-tasting products in eye-catching sleeve designs — either ours or yours. For specialized product development, Byrne’s Ultra Dairy Pilot Plant can create flavor profiles in batch samples. With our co-packing, your products can come to life in a cost-effective, controlled environment and be ready for launch without costly delays.

Filling / Production:

  • ESL Dairy Products
  • Non-Dairy Products
  • Custom Formulations

Gable Top

  • 70 day code
  • 16 oz., 32 oz., 59 oz., 64 oz. packages
  • Spout Fitment

Bag in a Box

  • 5 liter, 5 gallon – 90 day code

Portion Control Creamer Line

  • 3/8 oz PC’s – 70-90-day code
  • Light Cream, Half & Half, Non-dairy

Sidel Predis FMM Plastic Bottle Line

  • PET bottle options range from 84 ounces, to 6 ounces
  • House sizes 12, 32 oz.
  • System blows and fills PET bottles with 100 -180 day shelf life
  • Full Sleeve Wrap or roll on label flexibility
  • Foil or No Foil Sealing
  • Over capping Capability for Creamers
  • Case Pack size 6, 12, 24, others available
  • Custom Molds
  • Minimum Runs Custom 144,000/size
  • Minimum Batch 10,000 Gallons


  • Multiple VTIS Processors –Direct Steam Injection
  • Tubular Processing can be added to plant upon need and contract to package
  • Ability to process Dairy Based Low Acid, Soy, or other Non Dairy Products
  • Ability to add plant sterols or Omega 3’s
  • r-BST Free raw milk supply
  • Organic raw milk supply available
  • Organic Certified by Oregon Tilth
  • Kosher Certified by OU

Microtherm Pilot Plant:

  • Flavor profile and product performance bench samples


Extended Shelf Manufacturing Capabilities

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