"Can we go to Byrne Dairy please?"

Grab some ice cream at the stand, or pick up one of our ready-to-take-home containers: you don’t want to miss on the taste of summer!

Sundae Cones...

Sundae Cones are only one of many things that make summer so fun! At Byrne Dairy we know how to sweeten the deal: 3 new Oat Based Frozen Desserts, and 4 new Ice Cream flavors!

Byrne Hollow Farm

The Byrne Dairy tradition continues with Byrne Hollow Farm. Try our locally sourced organic milks! 

What We Offer

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Extended Shelf Life

Enjoy great tasting milk and cream that stays fresher longer with no preservatives thanks to our state-of-the-art ESL technology!

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Ice Cream

Since 1980 we have been producing a large variety of ice cream with fresh cream and milk from our local family farms.

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Byrne Hollow Farm

Byrne Hollow Farm Milk is sourced from Central New York Organic family farms. Free of RBST-free, non-GMO and naturally gluten free.

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Stock your kitchen with our large variety of yogurts, thick and smooth sour cream, flavorful buttermilk or cottage cheese!

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Fresh Dairy

From local family farms to your table. Milk is picked up and delivered fresh daily.

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Our Stores

Visit one of our Byrne Dairy stores for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s Mighty Fine!!