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Mint Milk In Glass Is Back!
Central New Yorkers' very own Byrne Dairy has been making green milk for St. Patrick's Day since 1976.
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We work with only local family farms which are certified to produce the highest quality milk free of antibiotics and artificial growth hormones (rBST free).
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Mint Milk is back!

Byrne Dairy has produced mint milk since 1976! Try this classic favorite while supplies last! 

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The End Of The Rainbow Is Mighty Fine!

Try two ice creams perfect for St Patrick’s Day! Mint Chocolate Chip and Grasshopper Pie. 

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Mint Cookiewich!

Home made Chocolate Chip Cookie w/ Mint Ice Cream. Yum! 

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Byrne Hollow Farm

Now available at Wegmans! Byrne Hollow Farm Organic and Organic Grass-fed milks. 

What We Offer

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Extended Shelf Life

Enjoy great tasting milk and cream that stays fresher longer with no preservatives thanks to our state-of-the-art ESL technology!

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Ice Cream

We start off with cookies baked from scratch and make each Cookiewich® by hand!

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Our Stores

Visit one of our Byrne Dairy stores for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s Mighty Fine!!