Cookies. Ice cream. Both are delicious treats by themselves — but when combined, you get something special. You get the Cookiewich®

What is a Cookiewich®?

The Cookiewich® combines cold and creamy ice cream sandwiched in-between two freshly baked cookies. It’s the stuff of dreams, and it’s Mighty Fine.

“Both the soft serve ice cream and the cookies can be called family recipes.”

– Bill Byrne, President of Byrne (1997 – 2006)

Experience a Cookiewich® today…

Cookiewiches® are available at your local Byrne Dairy & Deli location.


Cookiewich® flavors:

Customers can try one of 4 Cookiewich® flavors, including….

  • Original Cookiewich® – Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Ice Cream
  • Twist Cookiewich® –  Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla and Chocolate Ice Cream
  • Mint Cookiewich® – Chocolate Chocolate Chip Cookie with Mint Ice Cream

See how a Cookiewich® is made…

History of the Cookiewich®

Byrne, a family name synonymous with milk expanded their vision with the creation of an Ice Cream Center in 1977. Part of this building held an on site bakery. One day, there was an overabundance of cookies made. Not wanting to throw them out, employees started to experiment, and took the cold and creamy ice cream sandwiched in-between two freshly baked cookies! Sent out to market, they were an instant success. That was 1983.

Byrne is proud to source their flour for Cookiewiches® from Birkett Mills in Penn Yan, New York; just another example of Byrne’s commitment to fresh, local ingredients. Byrne is proud to make on site cookies made in their very own kitchen.