Byrne is proud to support Earth Day, with a demonstrated 90-year history of sustainable operations in the Central New York community!

Byrne continues to implement projects that focus on sustainability throughout our operations. For example, all of our manufacturing and warehousing operations are now equipped with energy efficient LED lighting systems. We partnered with engineering firms to continually optimize efficient energy use for our key utility systems such as water, compressed air, steam, and refrigeration equipment.

Our investments in wastewater treatment operations have resulted in improved pre-treatment of our effluent (liquid waste), while using fewer chemicals in the process.

We continuously seek opportunities to reduce and recycle waste in everything from packaging materials to waste products. For example, the sludge waste generated from milk processing is either sent to farms as a natural fertilizer or to municipal treatment facilities that digest the material into renewable natural gas that operates utility systems at those treatment works.

Our fleet of commercial trucks is continuously maintained and being upgraded with newer vehicles with higher efficiency and stricter emissions controls, and we support a network of local family farms and processing facilities to minimize over-the-road travel.